Stylish and Luxurious ~ designs from Omnia Jewelry, Hong Kong

Since our establishment in 1989, Omnia Jewelry has been focusing on foreign markets.

Trade Shows

WE actively participate in local and international jewelry trade shows. So far/Up to the present, our clients are all over Europe, America and most Asian countries.


WE are committed to expanding the international market with exquisite and unique designs, using 18K gold and high quality diamonds, gems, semi-precious stones etc.

WE are also committed to creating various series of jewelry with different themes.


WE have our workshop and dedicated team to ensure that our jewelry craftsmanship reaches the strictest and highest quality control.


WE keep up with the pace of the Internet age, strive to continuously explore and introduce the highest quality and unique designs,

hoping to give customers in Hong Kong and around the world, a distinctive feeling of Omnia jewelry.

We are also as a long-term members of the following organizations:

Member of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA)

Member of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC)

Member of Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA)